Sporting Events Ice Delivery Service

Sporting Event Ice


If you’ve ever gone off-roading or planned that soccer, baseball, football or other sporting event, you know how hot it can be. Here, in the Inland Empire it can get warm almost any time of year. Most people know that food or beverage planning is a must if you’re going to make your event an extraordinary one, yet few people ever consider how much sporting event ice they’ll need to preserve that food or keep those beverages cold.

With everything to plan for, it’s not surprising that most people never consider their sporting event ice needs and as a result find themselves purchasing, transporting and delivering that sporting event ice themselves, usually the very day the sporting event ice is needed. This is a back breaking process, because that 100, 200 or 400 pounds of sporting event ice they need is usually packaged in 10 to 20 pound bags, requiring them to make several trips the day of their event. After all, how do you store 200 pounds of cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice - especially on the morning of the event? And as everyone knows, ice is heavy and … it melts!

That’s where we come in. We’re the Ice Taxi, and we’ve been helping people just like you, solve their sporting event ice needs, by providing the sporting event ice delivery service they can count on. Whether you need cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, at the Ice Taxi, we’ll provide the sporting event ice delivery service you need … on time and without hassle. We’ll even help determine how much ice you actually need.

So for sporting ice delivery or for any occasion, whether it is cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, we hope you’ll call the Ice Taxi. We’re your sporting ice delivery solution and we’re only a call or simple click away.
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