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Party Ice


If you’ve ever planned a party or social event, you know that proper planning and dealing with the right vendors or caterers is the difference between an ordinary event and an extraordinary event. At the Ice Taxi, we’ve discovered that one of the most frequent mistakes that people make is inadequately planning for their party ice needs or failing to consider party ice altogether.

Purchasing and picking up party ice is a labor intensive effort. Anyone, who has ever lifted 20 pound bags of ice, loaded them into the trunk of their car and then delivered them to their home or catering hall, knows that purchasing party ice can be a back breaking process.

That’s where we come in. We’re the Ice Taxi, and we’ve been helping people just like you, solve their party ice needs by providing a party ice delivery service they can count on. Whether you need cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, at the Ice Taxi, we’ll provide the party ice delivery service you need … on time and without hassle. We’ll even help determine how much ice you actually need. After all, ice is heavy and … it melts!

At the Ice Taxi, our goal is to give you one less problem to worry about. After all, who wants to make multiple trips to the store, lifting and transporting heavy bags of cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice and since ice melts, it’s difficult to purchase in advance? Besides, where are you going to store it? So when you need party ice delivery, for any occasion, whether it be cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, we hope you’ll call the Ice Taxi. We’re your party ice solution and we’re only a call or simple click away.

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