Festival Ice Delivery Service

Festival & Carnival Ice


Festivals and carnivals are special occasions and usually last the entire day. Preserving your food and keeping your beverages cold is important, especially in the spring and summer months when temperatures in the Inland Valley can reach well into the 90’s. Surprisingly, while most festival or carnival planners understand the importance of a well organized event, yet few ever consider the amount of festival or carnival ice they’ll need. And since hauling festival or carnival ice is a very cumbersome task, arranging the pick-up or delivery process can be overwhelming.

Imagine how many 20 pound bags of cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice you need for a sporting event, school or church festival or carnival and how many trips it would take, the morning of the event just to purchase and transport it? And how do you store it once it’s purchased? Because as everyone knows … ice melts!

Here at the Ice Taxi, we can’t tell you how many frantic calls we received from people who failed to consider how much festival or carnival ice they needed for their event, or how to get it. Obviously, they never considered an ice delivery service, because they probably didn’t even know the Ice Taxi existed. Whether you need cubed ice, crushed ice or block ice, why not make the Ice Taxi your ice delivery service? After all, it’s fast, it’s easy and we’ll deliver all the festival or carnival ice you need for surprisingly less than you might think.

Why worry about an ice delivery service? With the Ice Taxi, getting the festival or carnival ice you need is one less problem you need to think about. We’ll calculate, arrange and deliver all the festival or carnival ice you need, when you need. Need a multiple ice delivery service throughout the day … no problem! At the Ice Taxi, your ice delivery service solution is only a simple call or click away.

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